***Update on Pastor Tim's surgery***
Surgery for Pastor Tim went well. He arrived arrived home Friday and has since been napping and recovering well. Thanks for all your prayers.

November Events:
***Do you play (or want to learn to play) Pickleball?
If we have enough interest, we plan to start the Faith Bible Pickleball League  with courts on the church parking lot.  Contact Pam Parish by text or email if you are interested. 

December Events:
***Breakfast Casserole Brunch
 - Church Family and Friends, Breakfast Casserole Brunch, December 3rd at 10:30am. Bring your favorite breakfast casserole, etc. (cooked and ready to serve). 

***Singles & Widowed White Elephant Gift Exchange - December 9th, 3pm – 5pm. We are adding a little fun for our December gathering by asking each of you to rummage through your closets, drawers, etc. and find something you no longer want or need but think someone else might want and bring it as a “White Elephant Gift” to our December Singles’/Widowed Gathering at the home of Ritchie & Anita Curtis.
Wrap it as a gift or put it in a gift bag.  It matters not the value of the item…just choose something you already have, no longer want but you think someone might like to have .  It can be big, small, practical, goofy  or whatever.   When we gather, each person one at a time, will choose a gift to open….OR take a gift that someone else has opened and allow that person to choose another gift.  We’ll have fun and everyone will go home with something. We look forward to seeing you all at Casa Curtis!

***We have a new format with each Sunday starting with Sunday School at 8:30AM followed by Worship service at 9:30AM and a class for those who want to go deeper into the passage led by Pastor Tim in a discussion format directly after worship service. Be thinking of someone you can bring to church with you.  We look forward to seeing you!