October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and we will have a special gathering to celebrate on October 16th.  Our church-wide potluck will commence immediately following the second service.  Drop off your meat, vegetable dish, salad or dessert in the fellowship hall as early as 8:30a and no later than 11:20a so we are ready to serve by 11:40a.
           We will have a basket for cards to express your gratitude, and we will also give you the opportunity to participate in a love offering for Pastor Tim and Vanessa.  Mark your calendars now!

*** Rick Delong's Bible Study dates for the next 6 weeks. We will resume a weekly schedule after Oct. 19th.
Oct. 12 – no study
Oct. 19 – study night

Bingo Night - Saturday October 22nd
All Faith Bible Church widowed & singles from ages 18-105 are invited to an evening of Bingo fun, festivities and prizes!  
     Where: Join us in the Fellowship Hall
     Date: October 22nd (Saturday)
     Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm 
Light refreshments will be served.
For more information contact Ritchie or Anita Curtis 210-287-5111 or 

Women of Faith Bible/Prayer Retreat October 29th
Where: FBC Fellowship Hall
Date: October 29, 2022   
When: 9:00am to 3:00pm
(Bring a sack lunch – drinks provided)
God has made it clear that He wants to hear from us.  
If there has ever been a critical time to pray, the time is now. 
Our families and country are under attack. 
We want to speak with God and be open to hear what He wants to say. 
We plan to have rich discussion from our panel as we learn and share together.
Facilitator:   Deborah Allen
Panel:  Esther Bjorkland, Pam Parish, Rita Weber and Diane White
Please RSVP:   dallen7@gvtccom or text Deborah at 210-421-3751
Thank you!